Wonder Block Thru Wand (Mini) by Holland Magic Studio

Andy Martin – March 2, 2019

Very well made from wood and metal, includes everything you need including a link to an online instructional video. Very limited supply. Keep an eye on Holland Magic Studio, because if the first few items are anything to go on Frans is going to be a power house before you know it.

From Martin's Magic

Ring and Tower by Holland Magic Studio

Andy Martin - Feb 16, 2019

A high-end remake of the Vienna Magic’s amazing Ring Tower. This beautiful version was created by the Dutch Craftsman: Frans Reijnier who is creating a fine line of beautiful magic at his new company: Holland Magic Studio whose items are exclusively available from Dynamite Magic also in Holland. The manufacture is faithful to the original but everything is a little better and the action works more smoothly. What makes this so effective is that there is nothing added or taken away, and there is zero reset, unlike the famous, and later inspired Crystal Cleaver by Tenyo.

From Martin's Magic