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Wonder Block Thru Wand (Mini)
Holland Magic Studio
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This effect was originally created by magician and inventor Rebru of Holland c. 1990. It was rebuilt by Joe Long and Paul Lembo as part of their Limited Edition Magic series c. 2015 and this inspired the new Dutch Craftsman Frans Reijnier, from Holland Magic Studio, to build his own version. In fact, Frans created three versions: Mini, Standard, and Jumbo. This is the 2″ mini version and not only is it as cute as a button, it works perfectly and looks amazing.

You show a small golden solid block with a hole drilled through it, a solid magic wand and an empty frame which you can show by opening the back and front doors. You then take the magic wand and place it in the middle of the frame and close the doors. You then take the golden block and place it in the frame until it rests on the wand. Then you push down on the block and it PENETRATES THE WAND. How is that possible? Then you open the front of the frame and lift the block from the frame, the magic wand is now through the hole in the block. Of course you can take out the wand and show everything to be solid and fair.

Very well made from wood and metal, includes everything you need including a link to an online instructional video. Very limited supply. Keep an eye on Holland Magic Studio, because if the first few items are anything to go on Frans is going to be a power house before you know it.

Model in stock now is the third improved version  with the black grooves in the block!


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