Cubes and Tubes - Black (close up version)

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Cubes and Tubes Black
Holland Magic Studio
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This beautiful item was originally created by magician, inventor, and craftsman Rebru of Holland who created a version in wood. You’ll love the quality of this new version in high quality perspex from Frans Reijnier who is creating a fine line of beautiful and well engineered magic at his new company: Holland Magic Studio ,you can order  directly on his new website. This looks quite amazing and even close-up you won’t see a thing. Nothing added or taken away and the reset is a snap too.

You show a red cube with holes, through the holes are two clear tubes which you can clearly see thru. You pull out the two tubes one by one and the top lid sinks over the bottom part of the box. Then you take the lid off and a large black dice fill up the entire space of the box. It can be taken from the box and shown all around.


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