Ring Tower

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Ring and Tower
Holland Magic Studio
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A high-end remake of the Vienna Magic’s amazing Ring Tower. Another beautiful effect created by the Dutch Craftsman: Frans Reijnier who is creating a fine line of beautiful and well engineered magic at his new company: Holland Magic Studio order directly on his new website.

The manufacture is faithful to the original but everything is a little better and the action works more smoothly. What makes this so effective is that there is nothing added or taken away, and there is zero reset, unlike the famous, and later inspired Crystal Cleaver by Tenyo.

You show a small glass case on a wooden base, a tower which is made out of two parts (tube and cover), a ring and a magic wand.

You place the tube over the glass case and push the wand thru both holes, you then show everybody that the wand is preventing the lid of the glass case from opening. You remove the wand, remove the tube and place the ring inside the glass case. The glass case is now covered with the tower-tube and tower-lid. The magic wand is pushed thru both holes in the tube and a magical pass is made over the tower. When the tower is now lifted the glass case is EMPTY! When the tower-lid is removed the ring is hanging on the wand … impossible as both items are solid!


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