Ring Escape Deluxe (Chinese Version)

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Ring Escape Deluxe (Chinese Version)
Holland Magic Studio
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A high-end remake of the Vienna Magic’s amazing Ring Escape. Another beautiful effect created by the Dutch Craftsman: Frans Reijnier who is creating a fine line of beautiful and well engineered magic at his new company: Holland Magic Studio order directly on his new website.

The manufacture is faithful to the original but everything is a little better and in particular the ring holder is now on a transparent stand and the action works more smoothly. This also comes with an extra clear cover, that is part of the patter story and a nice presentation case. What makes this so effective is that there is nothing added or taken away, and there is zero reset, unlike the famous, and later inspired Crystal Cleaver by Tenyo.

A small glass box on a stand is shown and a ring is placed inside the box and the lid of the box is closed. Now you take a large glass box and place it over the glass box so it is impossible to open the inner box and take out the ring. Now you take a small magic wand and push it through the holes in the sides of the larger glass box to really lock everything in place.It is impossible to take out the ring.

Then you take out the wand and take away the large glass box and show in exactly the same size a nice looking red cover with oriental sign. You can show the tube empty and place it over the glass case and ring. The safe also has two holes at exactly the same places so you also push the wand thru the sides of the box so the inner box cannot be opened.

Then you start to lift the red tube and when the glass box comes into view, it is empty! If you then open the lid on the top of the safe and show the inside the ring is now seen HANGING AT THE WAND!


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